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A club for personal growth for Verninskoye employees

14 March 2020
A club for personal growth for Verninskoye employees

Polyus Verninskoye employees now have the option to relax and recharge mentally by visiting the club at their shift camp.

The light-hearted sessions are designed to help people to relax after the working day. The participants take part in activities which look to improve their mental performance at work, as well as improving their soft skills such as teamwork.

Andrey Bulatov, a psychologist and thought leader, commented:

“We play some intellectually-challenging games and replicate well-known training exercises during these sessions. Another regular activity is watching films, and having follow-up discussions where people can share their opinions. In a typical session, I would teach employees about communicating and reasoning practices, then afterwards we would watch a movie and highlight when and where the aforementioned techniques were applied in the film. The meetings usually comprise of 10 participants, while for a film showing, up to 15 people can attend.”

All Verninskoye employees and contractors are welcome at the club. Igor Tsukurov, Managing Director of Polyus Verninskoye, commented:

“Mental wellbeing and high team morale is very important for achieving high production targets. Through measures such as this, we try to create optimum working conditions for our staff, so that they always feel comfortable at work. We are introducing new ways of interacting with our personnel, building new dormitories and sports facilities, and improving employees’ living conditions. It is critical that our employees feel as if they can switch off and recharge emotionally, through watching movies, playing intellectual games, and being able to talk in a relaxed atmosphere, all of which contribute towards reducing workplace fatigue.”