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Verninskoye sets safety culture example

4 May 2020
Verninskoye sets safety culture example

In the last three years, Polyus Verninskoye has not had a single lost-time accident. This solid performance is attributable to the introduction and development of an effective safety culture at Polyus.

Polyus has put all the necessary arrangements in place in order to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Increased levels of automation and safer workplaces are two factors which make the workplace more efficient and comfortable for employees.

Compliance with regulations is more than just following guidelines: it becomes a natural process, and in time it becomes second nature. The same logic can be applied to ensuring the health and well-being of colleagues.

The last lost-time accident at Verninskoye was three years ago. The incident was thoroughly investigated, and following the event a broad range of measures were introduced to prevent a reoccurrence.

Back in 2017, Polyus undertook studies to identify the root causes of occupational injuries, in order to outline the main risk areas based on the nature or location of work. As a result, Polyus launched the following safety campaigns: ’High Five!’, ’Work Safely’, ’Working at a Height’, ’Slow Down’, ’Fasten Your Seatbelt’, and ’Sober Driving’, which resulted in improvements in the Company’s safety culture level. The Verninskoye mining team is very proud of its impressive record without a lost-time accident, which is a direct result of the measures introduced to improve Polyus’ safety culture.

Mandatory monitoring of day-to-day activities is exercised at Verninskoye, with a focus on the use of mining equipment and machinery, including preventative maintenance and repairs. All production facilities are regularly audited to ensure their industrial safety. Firefighting and emergency drills for in-house and contracted personnel are carried out regularly.

Igor Tsukurov, Managing Director of Polyus Verninskoye, commented:

“Polyus has a rule that no job can be done effectively if it violates safety requirements. We encourage all employees to immediately cease any work threatening human life and health, even if the danger comes from their superiors. This will never result in criticism from management; everyone will be grateful for their vigilance in upholding health and safety guidelines.”

Behavioral Safety at Verninskoye is audited on a regular basis; every department manager undertakes a minimum of two Behavioral Safety Assessments bi-monthly (BSAs). Dedicated tools developed by the in-house IT team automatically analyze the results of these audits to provide a complete picture and outline specific areas that require management attention.

Polyus Stroi, Polyus Logistics and on-site contractors also contribute to the development of Verninskoye’s safety culture. The commitment of contractors to HSE issues remains a key priority for the Company.