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Supporting education at Nizhny Kuranakh

16 October 2019
Supporting education at Nizhny Kuranakh

Alexey Nosov, Managing Director of Polyus Aldan, met with the education establishment of the town of Nizhny Kuranakh. Mikhail Prisyazhny, First Deputy of Education and Science Ministry of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and Elena Khrushch, Head of Municipal Public Institution of Aldan District, also participated in the meeting.

The parties discussed vital topics related to mentoring mining undergraduates, developing skills locally and attracting talent to the industry, as well as reducing the outflow of young people from the region. The representatives of the Nizhny Kuranakh gymnasium and high school № 4 noted Polyus’ contribution to improving the technical resources of local educational institutions as well as developing children’s sports facilities.

Oleg Isakov, HSE Director at Polyus Aldan, emphasized that the Company is focused on developing a safety culture not only at its operations but also in schools. Company employees regularly work with young people to communicating health, safety and environment issues, and help develop their safety decision-making skills in a wide range of circumstances.

At the end of the meeting, Polyus Aldan presented its “Become visible on the road” campaign, initiated by its HSE Department. Alexey Noskov handed out 1,000 safety beacons to kids from the Young Deer, Rainbow and Small Crane nursery schools as well as to pupils from the Nizhny Kuranakh gymnasium and high school #4. The safety beacons are small lighting devices that can easily be attached to clothes, bags or school backpacks, making pedestrians more visible for drivers at night time.