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Safety audit at Polyus Verninskoye reveals improvements

Safety audit at Polyus Verninskoye reveals improvements

Polyus Verninskoye has received the interim results of its annual safety culture audit. The results confirmed rapid development, climbing to 3.6 points on the Bradley Curve from 3.5 points last year.

The auditors surveyed Polyus’ sites for occupational health and safety issues, with the interim results for Verninskoye showing that positive steps have been taken at every level. Issues are constantly being addressed, making Verninskoye a much safer place to work. The auditors observed that Polyus has demonstrated a clear understanding of why the requirements exist and what actions need to be taken, in addition to recognizing the benefits from the integration of health and safety protocols, which Polyus has now begun digitalizing.

Polyus Verninskoye is considering launching a sustainability system, which would be a totally integrated program ensuring that our operations meet the recognized international standards we aim to achieve. This also includes a decision to support, develop and publicly commend contractors. Many activities undertaken by contractors at the site pose large risks, and Verninskoye is ready to share its newly acquired experience and skills with others.

The auditors observed that Polyus sets ambitious targets for the future, and in spite of the global pandemic had still made considerable progress.

Igor Tsukurov, Managing Director of Polyus Verninskoye, commented:

"We have spent a lot of time and effort in our fight against COVID-19, but have still managed to accomplish these ambitious aims for this year."

The Company is actively implementing a digitalization project. At present, it is mostly focused on the production system but next year it will also be used in developing a culture of safety within the Company.