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Polyus Verninskoye continues to give back to the community, with donation to Bodaibo regional hospital

Polyus Verninskoye continues to give back to the community, with donation to Bodaibo regional hospital

Polyus Verninskoye has donated a tomography x-ray machine to Bodaibo regional hospital. Prior to this, the hospital had no equipment similar to this and was unable to complete such procedures. Polyus has a long and established relationship with the Bodaibo hospital, with numerous previous donations of equipment and upgrading facilities.

Polyus provides annual sponsorship funding for the ongoing maintenance and replacements of resources for multiple cultural, educational and healthcare institutions, as well as sports facilities and social organizations. Polyus also provides individual financial support to the socially vulnerable, people with disabilities, World War II veterans and former employees.

In 2020, 13 agreements were signed for a total amount of RUB61.8 million. Polyus endeavored to provide as much support as it could during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Polyus Verninskoye was the first local company to help the Bodaibo hospital at the beginning of the pandemic. The Company procured ALVs and the necessary medical and personal protective equipment. Mobile X-ray apparatus, a blood hemostasis analyzer, oxygen concentrator, photometer test kit, infrared thermometer, 30 pulse oximetry devices, KODAK Medical X-Ray processor, patient monitor, fiberoptic bronchoscope and other equipment were all donated to the hospital.

Other items donated to the hospital included PCR test kits, thermal imaging devices, disinfection solutions and consumable medical products, such as X-ray film, probes and test tubes. In addition, Polyus Verninskoye funded the purchase of medicines, patient meals and renovated rooms where COVID-19 patients were treated.

As part of its social partnerships, Polyus Verninskoye also donated a CT scanner for Bodaibo regional hospital. In order to facilitate this, a separate room was refurbished to install the CT scanner, as it has to meet special requirements and the hospital has not had this kind of equipment previously.