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Polyus supports treatment of blood pressure related diseases at Kuranakh

12 November 2021
Polyus supports treatment of blood pressure related diseases at Kuranakh

Polyus Aldan has purchased a new batch of equipment and opened a medical room for screening patients who suffer from or are at risk of blood pressure diseases.

Prior to prescribing treatment, all patients are examined by a doctor. The Company has signed an agreement with a medical center in Novosibirsk. The medical staff have everything they need such as medical devices, medicines, a procedure unit and small inpatient facility. The Company also donated 250 blood pressure wristbands for the center.

Hundreds of Polyus staff members receive daily medical screenings before being authorized to work. These include excavator operators, truck drivers and processing plant workers.

Oleg Isakov, HSE Director at Polyus Aldan, commented:

«The Company invests lots of money in keeping our personnel safe and healthy. As such, we have acquired medical screening devices worth a total of RUB40 mln. In addition, an annual amount of RUB30 mln is spent on various medical checkups».

The automated medical devices provide medical assessment reports, with their database updated on a weekly basis. More than three million medical checkups have been performed using the automated medical devices to date.