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Polyus Sponsors the Renovation of a Local Hospital in Tenkinsky District

Polyus Sponsors the Renovation of a Local Hospital in Tenkinsky District

The fifth floor at Tenkinsky District Hospital has been renovated and a new room for a CT scanner is almost complete. Polyus has donated over RUB 26 million towards the renovation, as well as for buying medical equipment and furniture.

This support will considerably increase the hospital’s capacities in tackling COVID-19 and enhance the quality of the medical service on offer.

This renovation makes it possible for the hospital to treat more patients with infectious diseases, including from other regions.

This is just one example of the Company’s commitment to helping local communities. Last August, Polyus teamed up with Pavlik to purchase a SOMATOM CFT system worth RUB 26.3 million. The hospital will be employing a certified specialist to operate this complex equipment. Siemens, the system manufacturer, has agreed to provide additional training to this specialist.

Ludmila Gogdeeva, Chief Medical Officer at Tenkinsky District Hospital, commented:

“A highly-qualified X-ray technician will be recruited to operate the scanner. Our radiography team is eager to gain the expertise needed to operate this machinery. A local specialist in the region has agreed to provide any assistance needed in implementing this project, to help us in our consultations and take an active role in diagnosing patients. This machinery will not only improve our diagnosing of respiratory diseases, it will also enable us to improve our cancer screening.”

Denis Revutsky, Tenkinsky District Mayor commented:

“Polyus donating this equipment helps us to give our patients high-quality medical treatment. I really appreciate Polyus Magadan’s efforts and all of their support, having been our social partner for a long time. Obviously we hope that as few patients as possible need to use these facilities, but this renovation ensures that those who do will feel as comfortable as possible.”

Polyus has taken a more active role in supporting medical institutions since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak caused them to be stretched to their limits. Last summer, the Company donated 15 lung ventilators to the regional children’s health clinic, Tenkinsky District Hospital, Olsky District Hospital and Magadan Regional Hospital. The Company donated a CFX-96 amplifier and additional supplies for the AIDS Center in the Magadan Region to increase its lab capacities that were then being used for coronavirus testing.