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Polyus donates 15 ventilators and other medical equipment to the Magadan region

Polyus donates 15 ventilators and other medical equipment to the Magadan region

The ventilators came to the Children’s regional hospital, the Tenkinsky and Olsky district clinics, and the Magadan regional hospital.

Polyus Magadan donated 15 medical ventilators and other medical equipment to the Magadan region. The ventilators came to the Children’s regional hospital, the Tenkinsky and Olsky district clinics, and the Magadan regional hospital A CFX96 PCR detection system and additional products were given to the Magadan regional AIDS center. This equipment will enhance capabilities of the laboratory significantly accelerating coronavirus detection, Polyus Magadan PR said to MagadanMedia.

This equipment was procured by Polyus for the region as part of the campaign against COVID-19 spread.

Ivan Gorbachev, Deputy Healthcare Minister of the Magadan region:

“On behalf of the Healthcare and Demographic Policy Ministry of the Magadan region, I express a sincere gratitude to Polyus management for helping the region with procurement and supply of medical equipment required. Fifteen ventilators and the PCR detection system for the Magadan regional AIDS center are a significant contribution to the regional health care. With our hearts we all want to do good. We highly appreciate the selfless help your company gives to the regional medical centers. Your contribution to this noble cause is priceless! Thank you for your helpfullness and your strive to make our world a kinder place with more sympathy.”

Since the start of the pandemic Polyus Magadan has taken a complex of measures to protect health of its employees and to minimize the virus impact on production. This includes binding medical examination of the Company’s employees and contracted companies’ staff as well as weekly testing for COVID-19. From 1 April to date, the Company tested over 2,400 people, with over 9,000 tests made.

In addition to that, there are quarantine zones to isolate employees showing acute respiratory viral infection symptoms and temporary observation camps for staff arriving for rotation to the mine site.

The COVID-19 spread prevention campaign in Polyus Magadan includes a massive disinfection of the company’s premises, transport and cargoes; separation of visitors by groups in the Natalka mine canteens; mandatory wearing of face coverings and gloves; social distancing and daily briefings on coronavirus spread prevention rules. There are also corporate training exercises related to infection spread prevention at Polyus Magadan facilities.