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Polyus Aldan implements safe and cost-effective measures for disposing of petroleum waste

20 February 2020
Polyus Aldan implements safe and cost-effective measures for disposing of petroleum waste

In 2019, Polyus Aldan became one of the first companies to open a cutting-edge, bespoke facility to centralize the collection of used industrial oil.

The waste accumulation center is located on the premises of the Road Transport Department.

The upgrade included furnishing the existing mineral oil facility with central heating, three new 60m³ tanks, and introducing a system for the filtration and loading of waste oil.

According to company representatives, Polyus Aldan has discovered a way of reusing purified waste oil by selling it to the company’s contractors as a secondary material. The company has safely and successfully disposed of its first batch of petroleum waste to a licensed operator in Irkutsk.

This was made possible thanks to the Road Transport Department’s effective coordination efforts and strong technical expertise. The collaboration between the HSE, procurement and economic security departments, as well as with competent contractors, was integral to the success of the project.

Natalya Silantyeva, head of the Environmental Department at Polyus Aldan, commented:

“Meeting environmental requirements is no doubt a costly process for Russian producers. In this context, Polyus Aldan’s initiative is a game changer as previously the company had to pay to have its petroleum waste processed. We have adopted an entirely new approach, selling used oil as a resource to our contractor. This is also in line with our environmental safety standards and the company’s financial interests.”

Polyus Aldan employees responsible for the safe disposal of waste have been specially trained and granted relevant work permits. They possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage the process, which runs smoothly and efficiently, due in no small part to the collaboration between all parties involved. The contractor highlighted Polyus Aldan’s robust waste management practices and the scale of its state-of-the-art accumulation facilities, which is unprecedented in the Russian North.

Source: SakhaNews