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New dormitories at Blagodatnoye

21 February 2021
New dormitories at Blagodatnoye

Two new dormitories have opened at Blagodatnoye. On 27 December 2019, the first residents moved in and discovered the benefits of their comfortable new accommodation.

As Polyus is currently designing Mill 5 at Blagodatnoye, new dormitories were constructed to ensure accommodation was provided for all the specialists.

The new 410-bed dormitories #16 and 17 are located near to the canteen and outdoor sports facility. The pharmacy and post office are both in close proximity.

Pavel Nikolaev, Head of Housing Facilities Management at Polyus Krasnoyarsk, commented:

“ The dormitories are well-equipped for accommodation and leisure time of our employees — everything has been considered, down to the smallest details. The project involved a general air-conditioning system. Every room features an air-conditioner, a safe deposit box for personal belongings, and a hairdryer in the bathroom. There is an additional electric convection heater in each room in case of abnormally low temperatures.

Recreation areas with a fully equipped kitchen (full household appliances and dishware; electric stove, toaster, thermo pot, multi-cooker, microwave oven) are located on every floor. Residents can relax and watch TV from the sofa while waiting for their food to cook. The rooms feature modern interior. Cryplat panelling was used for the walls; this creates a better finish and has a longer lifespan than gyp boards.

The rooms are equipped with all necessary appliances such as a TV set and a refrigerator. Wide comfy beds with bedside cabinets, cloth lockers, tables and chairs are there in the rooms. The windows are fitted with blackout curtains so people can properly rest during the day after a night shift. Dimmer lamps above the beds make it possible to adjust the brightness levels. Every room has a toilet and shower room.”

Kristina Islanova, clerk at Domitory #16 Hostess, has occupied her positions for almost a year. She highlighted benefits of new buildings:

“The dormitories are similar to hotels. This is something unique to the mine. First, the buildings have a new finish. The walls are covered with materials, which do not need repainting. Secondly, there are no utility rooms in the basement. People were really surprised and now they consider the new format much better than the previous one. There are laundrettes on the first floor of each dormitory with washing machines, space for drying and ironing as well as designated areas for dirty and clean linen and clothes. The dormitories also feature rooms for outwear and a separate place for footwear as well as for storing personal belongings. Each room has its own toilet and shower.”

The outdoor area is due to be resurfaced and decorated with flowers and benches, and there are plans for dustbins, streetlamps and barbeque areas to be installed. All in all, the new tenants are glad to be living there, and some of them have given their opinions.

Nikita Parkhomets, Electrician, commented:

“I was impressed when I first saw the interior of the dormitory #17. It has large beds and spacious rooms. It looks like a hotel really. Most importantly it now has air conditioning and heat supply. With winter approaching, we really welcome this. I did not expect it to be just like that! I am happy with it.”

Vasily Makarevich, Loader Operater, said:

“I used to live in dormitory #11. Now I’m living in dormitory #17. I moved out from a good place to the best spot. It seemed strange that there is no basement where the utility rooms were in the old dormitory. Now we take off our clothes and boots in special rooms on the ground floor. Everything is great! Better than ever because all our team members live here. One of my teammates used to live in dormitory #4, and another in dormitory #6, while I was in dormitory #11. Now we all live together; it is very convenient!

We can all talk together. It takes less time to get to work. I used to wake up at 5 am and now I have an extra hour to sleep. We have a shower in our room, so there is no queue. It’s easier to get on as a team. When we get back from work we can allocate time together. We have comfortable well-equipped rooms so everything is nice.”

Vladimir Bilodid, Mechanic at Motor and Generator Room, commented:

“I have lived here for under two weeks, everything is still new for me. Today is my first day off in the new dormitory, I’m unpacking all my things and having a closer look at what’s inside. I think it is better than before! I moved from dormitory #12 to #16 (dormitory for engineers). I like the fact that showers are nearby, we don’t need to go down to the ground floor. Our lockers are right by our rooms. It’s very convenient for us ... It is quiet and calm. People have already moved in but it still feels as if nobody is here. The soundproofing is perfect — we can rest easily and don’t hear any noise at all. Each room only has two people, and my roommate and I work different shifts. I work at nights while he goes for a day shift, so I live alone. We have large, comfortable beds. it’s worth moving here just for them!”