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“Growth Point” educational center, backed by Polyus, opens in Bodaibo, Irkutsk region

“Growth Point” educational center, backed by Polyus, opens in Bodaibo, Irkutsk region

“Growth Point”, an educational center in specializing in digital technologies and the arts, is based at School No.1 in Bodaibo, Irkutsk region. Similar institutions have been established nationally since 2019, as part of the Modern School regional branch of the national Education project. There are currently 120 such centers across the Irkutsk region.

Polyus helped to equip the “Growth Point” center in Bodaibo.

Maksim Parfenov, educational minister of the Irkutsk region, commented:

“Growth Point centers are helping more than 30,000 children to study technologies, IT, and Health and Safety using state-of-the-art equipment. After school, pupils can attend classes in digital and life sciences, technologies and arts, learn to play chess and create media projects. The children receive a great education, regardless of where they live; schoolchildren from rural and urban areas alike have access to 3D printers, quadrotors, VR headsets and modern computing stations.”

Currently, School 1 in Bodaibo has ten extra-curriculum programs, available for children aged six years and older. “The World in a Lens” and “Basic Film-Making and Editing” programs teach the children photography, as well as how to create and edit a film. Students interested in technologies can attend the “High-Tech Laboratory”, “Coding in Scratch”, “Basic 3D Modeling” and “Cyber sport”. The center also has something to offer to children with aspirations of going into management, with its Project management and “I Am a Leader” courses. Growth Point helps to develop technical skills and also to learn the basics of first aid with its “Young Design Engineer” and “Young Rescue Team” programs.

Igor Tsukurov, Managing Director of Polyus Verninskoye, commented:

“Good education is vital for a successful future. I am convinced that these classes will become more interesting and therefore more fulfilling for the center. The courses are already proving to be a success: some students have created their first 3D models, they have been learning coding and making marvelous pictures. This would not have been possible without the efforts of the talented faculty at School No.1, who pour their hearts into the development of their students.”

The project was launched in Bodaibo at the beginning of this year. Over 150 schoolchildren between the 5th to 11th grades have enrolled in these extra-curriculum programs; in addition to this, nearly 600 students attend the center for IT, Health and Safety and Technology classes with upgraded equipment and comfortable furniture.

Elena Afinogenova, Director of School No.1, commented:

“Growth Point is a flagship project in the Bodaibo region, taking place at one of its largest schools. The creativity and organizational efforts of our team made it possible for our students use such advanced equipment in their studies. This will help them to choose their future areas of interest and to spend their school years in an interesting and fruitful environment. To broaden the program, we plan to introduce similar extra-curricular classes for children from other schools in the district in the next year. We are grateful to Polyus Verninskoye for this opportunity, who has been a committed partner. Together with the municipal administration, the company helps to implement educational and sporting projects for children in Bodaibo. It is very important work, which we work on together.”