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Employees at Polyus Verninskoye undergo safety training

Employees at Polyus Verninskoye undergo safety training

The engineering team at Verninskoye has completed a new training course in evolving a safety culture.

The sessions, delivered by a professional business trainer, were attended by two groups highly-skilled engineers.

Igor Tsukorov, Managing Director of Polyus Verninskoye, commented:

“This year we are rolling out two new training projects, “I am a Master” and “Playing It Safe”. During the sessions, attendees received fundamental training and gained useful skills to help them work more safely. It is essential that all Polyus employees realize that each decision they make, whether in work or everyday, should be based on principles of safety.”

Yulia Sotnikova, Business Trainer, commented:

“I was very impressed by the openness of both groups, and their willingness to learn new skills. There was no need to convince them of anything, or explain why we all need such training, as is sometimes the case. It was clear to me that Polyus Verninskoye’s employees fully recognized the importance of safety training, and they were actively interested in further development.”