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Corporate mentoring at Natalka – our activities in 2018

15 January 2019
Corporate mentoring at Natalka — our activities in 2018

As part of Natalka’s mentorship program, in 2018 three dozen employees underwent extensive mentorship training in line with best industry practices.

In 2018, Natalka (Polyus Magadan) launched its mentorship program focused on two production areas — transporting rock mass with giant Komatsu 730E-8 trucks, and rock mass processing, from crushing to end products. The program welcomed mentors able to train up colleagues new to the processes.

Employees can become mentors provided they have at least three years’ experience, have completed the required qualifications and excel in their day-to-day work. The selected would-be mentors take two exams to test their relevant skills and health and safety knowledge, followed by an onsite training session.

Mentors receive extra remuneration in recognition of their important contribution to colleague development.

Prospective mentors also meet to exchange experiences, discuss challenges and develop closer ties with their colleagues.

Conveyor operator Ruslan Fakhraziev commented:

“I’m pleased to have been enrolled in the program. In my team, there are many young hires, some of whom are complete newbies, and this first step is crucial for their careers. I’d like to show them how to do their work properly so that they can grow and develop their expertise. On top of that, as mentors we have a unique opportunity to share best practices with each other.”

Sergey Bochkarev, a seasoned mentor who works as a Komatsu truck driver, stressed the importance of training for both mentors and their charges:

“I’m glad that the Company has started training mentors at last, as I think experience is the most precious thing that comes with time. I’m confident that my trainees will succeed and continue to build on the knowledge and skills we help them gain.”

The mentorship program is ongoing, and in 2019, it will take on additional mentors. Going forward, Polyus will roll out the initiative across its other operations, such as open pit mining.