Over the years, Polyus has made significant progress in embedding sustainability across our operations. As a major enterprise, we must work responsibly to ensure that Polyus continues to create value for all of our stakeholders. This involves a commitment to developing our employees and protecting the broader communities where we operate as well as the natural environment.

Documents and reports

The Water Report presents the Company’s comprehensive approach to water management, the assessment and management of water resource-related risks, as well as stakeholder-inclusive practices. The Report covers Polyus’ production assets that require a substantial quantity of water resources for their operations and which, therefore, are their major consumers. An important objective of this Report is to present the national statutory framework that Polyus is operating in, to describe its internal processes, controls and monitoring mechanisms attributed, among others, by national obligations, and international best standards and practices.

Water Report

The purpose of the Corporate Human Rights Policy is to define the general principles of business activities and scope of responsibility of the Company regarding human rights to ensure the protection of human rights and freedoms when conducting the Company’s business activities.

Human Rights Policy

This is the Code of Corporate Conduct — one of Polyus’ integral documents. The main goal of the Code is to make sure that the Company’s employees have a clear understanding of our mission and values and to present the key corporate culture principles.

Code of Corporate Conduct (Ethics Code)
ESG ratings
High risk, August 2023
(100 — highest risk, 0 — lowest risk)
Position in the overall ranking: 21/389, position in the industry ranking: 8/97 — December 2023
High level of compliance with sustainability goals, December 2023
84.8/100 — December 2023
ESG-2, category ESG-B
A very high assessment in the field of the environment, social responsibility, and governance, December 2023
Constituent of indexes
Group A, the Sustainability Vector Index and Group B+, the Responsibility and Transparency Index. December 2023
02 Health & safety
Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety (H&S) is an essential element of Polyus’ Sustainability strategy and we are constantly taking steps to improve our approach and performance.

Нealth and safety
03 Environment
04 Local communities
Local communities

Gold mining companies invariably have an impact on the regions where they operate, due to the very nature of their operations.

Local communities
05 Our people
Our people

Polyus’ employees are its greatest asset. The company takes responsibility for ensuring that its employees work in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our people
06 Sustainability blog
Sustainability blog